Our yarns for your industrial needs​

J.Toulemonde selects the best fibers to offer you the best yarn for your industrial needs

Our qualities

We offer a wide range of industrial threads:
  • Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Yarn Ungassed, Gassed, Mercerized Gassed;
  • Phil de Lynn;
  • Fil de Polyester discontinus et continus;
  • Polyamide yarn;
  • Fil de Viscose discontinus et continus;
  • Silk;
  • Special Yarns (metalloplastics, blends, fire retardant, etc.);
  • elastic thread
  • Etc..
All of these yarns can be delivered on a wide variety of supports, adapted to each use (cones of various sizes, skeins, dyeing cones, tubes, king spools, cheek spools, cocoons, bobbins, etc.)
spools of red thread Fil au Chinois

A very diverse clientele

By adapting the manufacture of our yarns to the business sector of our customers, we have the ability to meet the demands of all textile and technical industries:

  • thread for embroidery
  • Yarn for weaving
  • Yarn for leather goods
  • Sewing thread for dressmaking
  • Yarn for knitting
  • Yarn for haberdashery
  • Yarn for lace
  • Thread for trimmings
  • Yarn for quilting
  • Thread for ribbons
  • thread for medical
  • Etc
Different thread cone colors

We are of color

We have a wide range of colors in stock with over 15 color cards.


We are able to offer you monochrome or multicolored threads.


At your request, we are also able to offer you tailor-made colors.

Our expertise



To meet your needs, our company has developed various skills:


  • Assemblage
  • Wrapping
  • Twisting
  • Gazage
  • Icing
  • Coating
  • Winding
Thread machine