Our yarns for haberdashery and distribution

Drawing on our industrial know-how, we manufacture a wide range of yarns for haberdashery through our famous brands Fil au Chinois, Laine Saint Pierre and Lebaufil.

Le Fil au Chinois offers many sewing threads

whether linen, cotton, or synthetic. It also exists

many variations of spool sizes.

All of these products can be found in


Laine St Pierre is made up of 4 strands

separable, it is ideal for taking over a sweater or

a woolen garment thanks to its flexibility. But also

for embroidery, with 2 or 4 strands.

Composed half of wool and half of

polyamide fibre, Saint-Pierre wool is strong and its

colors are very stable, which gives all your

works respect in finishing and repair

Invisible, elastic, natural, metallic threads

or metallized; on cards, reels, reels,

balls, or cones; in blisters, in boxes

or in bulk; for sewing, knitting, beading,

manual activities or creative hobbies,

gardening and floral art…

Everything is possible in creation with

the Lebaufil brand

Through our many references, all made in France, you will find the ideal thread for your sewing, embroidery or leather goods creations, made by hand or by machine:

  • Linen yarn;
  • Fils polyester;
  • cotton yarn;
  • Polycotton Yarns;
  • Fancy yarn;
  • Elastic yarn;
  • Darning Yarn;
  • Embroidery Threads;
  • Yarns Lace;
These yarns are packaged in a wide variety of presentations (cones, bobbins, cards, reels, blister packs, etc.) and grouped into assortments.

Le Fil au Chinois, a Made in France brand

The Au Chinois brand was registered in November 1847 by François – Philibert Vrau, who had founded his company in Lille some twenty years earlier. The Au Chinois brand took on its full potential in the 1850s, with the arrival of Philibert Vrau, son of the previous brand. A prominent figure in Lille employers, he was, among other things, the main founder of Icam, the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts in Lille.

Like many other brands in the north of France, Fil Au Chinois experienced a long period of decline: the arrival of sewing machines in homes first, which dealt a severe blow to the use of linen thread, industrial difficulties , unsuitable commercial policy…

While the production of Fil Au Chinois continued to decline, interest in all advertising items and old productions only grew in the hearts of collectors. Fil Au Chinois could have disappeared in 2007, but we decided to take over the brand and restore the machines used for production – some of which were very old – and decided to restore Fil Au Chinois to its former glory.

Preserve our know-how, our quality and our offer in order to make them available to our customers and their creativity