A century-old family business

Company creation

by Emile Barrois


Arrival 2nd generation
Joseph Toulemonde
Christophe Barrois

Arrival 3rd generation
Joseph Toulemonde
Didier Toulemonde


Arrival 4th generation
Bruno Toulemonde

Texmonde takeover
specialized in manufacturing
sewing thread

Redemption of
Barrois Toulemonde
specialized in manufacturing
yarn for weaving

Acquisition of Vrau
and its brands
Fil Au Chinois
and Laine Saint-Pierre

Rachat Lebaufil

Arrival of the
5th generation
Louis Toulemonde
Antoine Toulemonde

It all started in 1903, when Émile Barrois created a cotton yarn twisting factory in the town of Marcq-en-Baroeul. This one, in the heart of the textile industrial region of the North, is located at equal distance from the many spinning mills of Lille, Roubaix and Tourcoing which existed then. To connect these three large cities dedicated to textiles, a large boulevard had just been newly opened: it was near it and, at the time, in the middle of the fields, that Émile Barrois chose to build large buildings, typical of factories of the time.

Joseph Toulemonde-Barrois and his brother-in-law Christophe Barrois took over from him just before the Second World War. Both continue to develop the company.

The 1960s marked the arrival of the third generation with Joseph Toulemonde, then Didier Toulemonde, who brought a revival to the company with, in particular, diversifications in innovative sectors of the textile industry. These new markets lead to major investments in production tools with sophisticated machines allowing, among other things, double twist twisting.

The fourth generation, represented by Bruno Toulemonde, the current leader is not discouraged by the deterioration of the textile environment in the 1980s. On the contrary, the company is still modernizing and continuing to diversify with a single objective: to provide quality yarns for the high-end textile sectors. Thus, in 1998, the company Texmonde, specialized in the manufacture of sewing thread, was acquired. More than two years later, comes the acquisition of Barrois-Toulemonde, a company specializing in the manufacture of yarns for weaving and lace.


In 2007, a new adventure begins, with the acquisition of the Vrau house. The latter has a major activity in the manufacture of sewing threads for the clothing and leather goods industry, but also a whole range of products for haberdashery, with the famous Fil Au Chinois and Laine Saint-Pierre brands.

Finally, in 2015, it will be the acquisition of the Lebaufil brand specializing in the manufacture of elastic threads and metal threads.

Recently, Louis & Antoine Toulemonde, representing the fifth generation, joined the family business.